Division 4 Reporterships

Title Reporter
DR 4-34
Retro-reflective and Other Passive Devices as Energy Savers
Bob Parks
DR 4-36
CEN/TC169, Lighting Applications
Axel Stockmar
DR 4-37
CEN/TC226, Road Equipment
Penti Hautala
DR 4-39
GTB (The International utomotive Lighting and Light Signalling Expert Group - "Groupe de Travail Brussels 1952"
Ad de Visser
DR 4-42
LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International)
Cyril Chain
DR 4-43
Jean-Claude Martin
DR 4-47
LED Billboards
Steve E Jenkins
DR 4-49
Flicker from Lighting on High Speed Road
Chao-Hua Wen
DR 4-50
Document Status - Joint with DIV5
Dionyz Gasparovsky
DR 4-51
Visibility and Glare Study of LED Traffic Signs
Tsung-Xian Lee
DR 4-52
Visibility under Adverse Weather Conditions
Chan-Su Lee