Division 2 Reporters

Title Reporter
DR 2-55
Simple Practical Guide for Measurement Uncertainty Estimations (supplement to CIE 198)
David Chan
DR 2-58
Standard lamps: availability of and alternatives to commercially available incandescent sources
Steffen Görlich
DR 2-60
Discussion on the definition of Luminance/Radiance
Teresa Goodman
DR 2-64
Technical Note on Errors of Measurement in Spectrophotometry
Teresa Goodman
DR 2-69
Validation of a near-field goniophotometer within the context of CIE S 025.
Johannes Ledig
DR 2-71
Towards LED based standard calibration sources for photometry
Tuomas Poikonen
DR 2-72
Towards a new CIE file format for luminous intensity distributions of luminaires
Peter Blattner
DR 2-73
Colour Luminance File Format Specification
Udo Krüger
DR 2-74
Physical characterisation of new visual effects in the field of appearance of materials
Alejandro Ferrero
DR 2-75
TN on the use of “Accuracy” and related terms in the specifications of testing and measurement equipment
Tony Bergen
DR 2-76
TN on measurement uncertainties for testing of LED Lamps, Luminaires and Modules
Yoshihiro Ohno
DR 2-77
Measurement of Quantities Relating to Photobiological Safety of Lighting Products
Tongsheng Mou
DR 2-78
Investigation of the need for documentary guidance relating to 0°:d (d:0°) reflectance instrument
Annette Koo
DR 2-79
Measurement of total transmittance, diffuse transmittance, and transmittance haze
Hsueh-Ling Yu
DR 2-80
Metrology of laser-based lighting
Anders Thorseth