Division 1 Reporters

Title Reporter
DR 1-53
Gloss Perception and Measurement
Frédéric Leloup
DR 1-58
Liaison with ISO TC130 Graphic Technology
Phil Green
DR 1-60
Future colour-difference evaluation
Guihua Cui
DR 1-61
Source whiteness metric
Aurelien David
DR 1-62
Typical LED spectra
Sophie Jost
DR 1-63
Tristimulus integration
Li Changjun
DR 1-64
Real colour gamut
Li Changjun
DR 1-66
The Effect of Dynamic and Stereo Visual Images on Human Health
Hiroyasu Ujike
DR 1-67
Revisiting Correlated Colour Temperature
Youngshin Kwak
DR 1-68
A Gamut Area Measure and Colour-shift Graphic, based on CIE 13.3-1995
Kees Teunissen
DR 1-69
Applicability of Metrics for Evaluating Reflected Glare on Displays
Shao-Tang Hung