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A Review of Chromatic Adaptation Transforms

CIE 160:2004

ISBN 978 3 901906 30 5

This report reviews a number of studies on chromatic adaptation. Four different experimental techniques are first described and their pros and cons are analysed. Eight experimental data sets commonly used to evaluate chromatic adaptation transforms are detailed. Thirteen chromatic adaptation transforms are also described and their equations are given in full. Finally, various studies for testing different transformations are reviewed. The results show that there are four possible candidates for future CIE recommendation, CMCCAT2000, CMCCAT97, CAT02 and CIECAT94. Overall four formulae give quite similar performances and the TC members have not found it possible to agree on which if any of the four should be recommended.

The report is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 36 pages with 7 figures and 3 tables.

The following members of CIE TC 1-52 "Chromatic Adaptation Transforms" took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • M. Ronnier Luo (Chair), Great Britain
  • O. Da Pos, Italy
  • M. D. Fairchild, USA
  • K. Hashimoto, Japan
  • R. W. G. Hunt, Great Britain
  • Y. Nayatani, Japan
  • M. Pointer, Great Britain
  • K. Richter, Germany
  • B. Rigg, Great Britain
  • H. Sobagaki, Japan
  • M. Stokes, USA

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