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Brightness-Luminance Relations - Classified Bibliography

CIE 078-1988

ISBN 978 3 900734 14 5

This work is a result of a renewed activity of the CIE in the field of brightness as defined as the psychological attribute. The Commission started its duties with the compilation of a classified bibliography the results of which may be found in this publication.

The bibliography consists of two parts:

  • An alphabetical part listing all first authors for quick reference
  • A classified part.

The following items are covered in the classified part of the bibliography:

   1. Methodology brightness (contrast) measurement
  • brightness and contrast scaling
  • brightness and contrast matching
  • indirect brightness and contrast determination
   2. Brightness (contrast)-luminance relations for static stimuli
  • for relatively simple configurations
  • for complex scenes (luminance reproduction curve)
   3. Brightness (contrast)-luminance relations for dynamic stimuli
  • for time dependent stimuli
  • followed in the time domain
   4. Lightness-tone relations
  • for relatively simple stimuli
  • for complex scenes (ambient lighting, wavelength, surround luminance)
   5. Brightness (contrast) and spatial aspects
  • contour effects
  • surround
  • retinal location
  • sharpness/frequency
  • luminance gradient
   6. Brightness (contrast) of a point source
  • effects of intensity
  • background luminance
   7. Brightness (contrast) and state of adaptation; after images
  • background luminance
  • preadaptation
  • duration
   8. Brightness (contrast) models
  • scaling models
  • effects of spatial parameters
  • dynamic models
   9. Various
  • binocular brightness, interocular effects
  • colour, Helmholz, Kohlrausch, Troxler's effect
  • special apparatus

This publication contains 173 pages.

This Classified Bibliography on Brightness-Luminance Relations has been compiled by J.A.J. Roufs (The Netherlands) and R.M. Smith (USA).

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