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CIE 016-1970

ISBN 978 3 901906 66 4

The purpose of this guide is to aid architects, civil engineers, building inspectors, and others concerned with the natural lighting of buildings. The guide specifies a simple but accurate method of computing and checking interior daylight levels. It contains a comprehensive list of other methods for predicting daylight levels in buildings. From this list, designers specializing in daylighting can select methods that are best suited for any one case.

This publication contains 87 pages, 32 figures and 4 tables.

The following members of TC 3.2 took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • W. Arndt, Germany
  • R. Dogniaux, Belgium
  • A. Dresler, Australia (Secretary)
  • R. Cardiergues, France (Chair)
  • J. Escher-Desrivières, France
  • M. Galbreath, Canada
  • A. Gregor, Hungary
  • J.W. Griffith, USA
  • N.M. Gusev, USSR
  • E. Hellern, Norway
  • R.G. Hopkinson, Great Britain
  • I. van Ierland, The Netherlands
  • J. Kendrick, Australia
  • R. Kittler, Czechoslovakia
  • B. Kojic, Yugoslavia
  • V. Krch, Czechlovakia
  • J. Krochmann, Germany
  • K. O. Löf, Sweden
  • D. Matei, Romania
  • W. Matthis, Switzerland
  • J. Moshly, Israel
  • A. Ne'eman, Israel
  • S. Ogiso, Japan
  • I. Ovesen, Denmark
  • E. Perucca, Italy
  • P. Petherbridge, Great Britain
  • V. Pittaluga, Italy
  • L. Plaza Montero, Spain
  • G. Plejel, Sweden
  • Z. Radwanski, Poland
  • W.M.H. Rennhackkamp, South Africa
  • H. Ruzicka, Austria
  • M. Voltelen, Denmark
  • U. Toivonen, Finland
  • H. Zijl, The Netherlands

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