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Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium on "Advances in Photometry and Colorimetry"

7-8 July 2008, Turin (Italy)

CIE x033:2008

ISBN 978 3 901906 73 2

The CIE Expert Symposium, organized by CIE Division 2 and hosted by INRIM (Instituto Nationale di Ricerca Metrologica) in Turin, Italy, covered the following areas:

  • Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters
  • Spectral Responsitivity Measurement and f'1 of photometers
  • LED Measurement and Characterization
  • Goniophotometers and other developments

A Keynote paper on "Goniophotometry: New Challenges and Novel Solutions" was given by Georg Sauter of PTB (DE).

The outcomes of the Symposium will be utilized as recommendations for future work in Division 2.

The Proceedings include the Keynote Paper, 29 papers and 13 posters presented during the Symposium.

The publication consists of 228 pages with 318 figures and 49 tables. A CD-ROM with all papers in a searchable form is included.

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