CIE 2018 Topical Conference on Smart Lighting, Taipei, Chinese Taipei, April 24 – 28, 2018
Abstract Submission Open

Publications on CD

D001: CD-ROM version of CIE Photometric and Colorimetric Data (Tables from ISO 11664-1:2007(E)/CIE S 014-1/E:2006, ISO 11664-2:2007(E)/CIE S 014-2/E:2006, ISO 23539:2005(E)/CIE S 010/E:2004 and CIE 86-1990) (2006)

D002: CD-ROM version of CIE Colorimetric and Colour Rendering Data (Tables fron CIE 13.3-1995 and CIE 15:2004) (2004)

D007: A Computer Program implementing the "Method of Predicting Corresponding Colours under Different Chromatic and Illuminance Adaptations" described in Publication CIE 109-1994

D008: Computer Program to Calculate CRIs (to CIE 13.3-1995) (1995)

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