CIE 2017 Midterm Meeting, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. October 20 - 28, 2017 

CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on LED Lamp and Luminaire Testing to CIE S 025, Bern-Wabern, Switzerland.


Div 1 Vision & Colour Youngshin Kwak (KR)
Div 2 Physical Measurement of Light & Radiation Peter Blattner (CH)
Div 3 Interior Environment and Lighting Design Jennifer Veitch (CA)
Div 4 Lighting and Signalling for Transport Ronald B. Gibbons (US)
Div 5 Exterior and other Lighting Applications Peter Schwarcz (HU)
Div 6 Photobiology and Photochemistry John O'Hagan (GB)
Div 8 Image Technology Po-Chieh Hung (JP)

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