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EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center passed NVLAP and CNAS Laboratory Accreditation

EVERFINE Corporation,
EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center, belonging to EVERFINE Corporation, was accredited both by National Voluntary Accreditation Program in US (abbreviated as NVLAP, Lab Code: 500074-0) and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (hereinafter referred to as CNAS, Registration No.CNAS L5831) in 2012. Thus, EVERFINE became the first enterprise possessing of NVLAP and CNAS recognized test and calibration laboratory in the field of LED & lighting measurement instruments in China. Worth to be mentioned that all of the key equipments adopted in EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center are designed and manufactured by EVERFINE Corporation.

NVLAP is administrated by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). During the Proficiency Test, as a part of accreditation process, EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center made bi-lateral comparison measurement with NIST in June, 2012. The comparison items mainly includes electrical, photometric and colorimetric quantities for six different types of LED products. For all of the comparison items, each result shows 'good agreement' with NIST.

CNAS is authorized by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA). After the accreditation, EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center could provide widely acceptable calibration certificates for the lighting measurement instruments and standard lamps.
In future, EVERFINE Corporation will continue focusing on the research & development of high-end LED & lighting measurement instruments. With the CNAS and NVLAP accredited labs, EVERFINE can provide even higher confidence calibration services and test communication, and also a better support to customers for test and calibration competency construction of LED & Lighting measurement laboratory.

Fig.1 NVLAP Certificate for EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center


Fig.2 CNAS Certificate for EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center


Fig.3 Integrating spectroradiometer laboratory of EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center


Fig. 4 Goniophotometry laboratory of EVERFINE Test and Calibration Center

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