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HAAS-3000 High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer

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HAAS-3000 High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer

EVERFINE is a professional manufacturer of measuring instruments for light & lighting. In recent years, EVERFINE mainly focuses on the scientific research and technical development for LED & Solid State Lighting (SSL) measurement.

Due to its milliseconds measurement speed and high accuracy & reproducibility, High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer (HAAS) is playing more and more important roles in the measurement of spectral, photometric and colorimetric quantities. It is especially suitable for LEDs, because it not only measures the LEDs powered by stable DC or AC, but also can work synchronously with the supply to realize pulse mode measurement.

As an excellent one, HAAS-3000 High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer from EVERFINE is a high-performance instrument, especially on the two key specifications: stray light level and linearity. In HAAS-3000, the designs of the scientific grade array detector and high quality grating are improved to make the optical matching much more perfect, so as to obtain purer spectra and better linearity. Furthermore, patented techniques, e.g. Bandpass-filter Wheel Correcting Technique (BWCT) and Spectrometer & Broadband-radiometer/photometer Combined Technique (SBCT) are adopted to enhance its performance (Patents: US2008/0259318,200710069325.5,200710068109.9, 201010107630.0).

The main characteristics and specifications of HAAS-3000 are as follows:
Wavelength range: 380nm~ 780nm for VIS model, the total range of HAAS-3000 series can cover from 200nm to 2550nm;
Stray light: 5.00E-05 (under illuminant A);
Photometry linearity: of 0.3% in overall dynamic range;
Spectral resolution: 2.5nm;
Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3nm;
Chromaticity accuracy (x, y): (±0.0015, ±0.002);
AD converter: 16bits, 1.25MHz.
Built-in touch screen offers convenient & quick offline operation (see fig.1).
Triggering function: available.
HAAS-3000 can be equipped with other instruments such as integrating spheres or goniophotometers to measure photonic quantities, chromatic quantities of light source and lamps.
  HAAS-3000 is one of the achievements “National 863 high-technology program” of China undertaken by EVERFINE. Besides, EVERFINE has developed a series of qualified instruments including the Full-field Speed Goniophotometer, luminance meter, etc. These instruments have already been widely applied in SSL worldwide.

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