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Reaching Out to Developing Countries

CIE successfully launched its Associate Member Programme 

The Programme shall enable developing and newly industrializing countries to participate in the work of the CIE and to benefit fully from its International Standards and its scientific expertise.

The CIE Associate Member Programme enables and encourages the participants to adopt, use and promote CIE Technical Reports and International Standards in their countries.

Benefits of participation in the CIE Associate Member Programme:

• Access to CIE technical documents in electronic format;

• Selection of 5 free International Standards and publications (tailored to your immediate needs); and significant discount on all other new standards published each year (membership discount is at 66,7%);

• Adoption of these 5 CIE International Standards as national regulations free from any commercial consideration;

• Attendance at meetings held during the CIE Sessions or Midterm Meetings as an Observer;

• Assistance from CIE Central Bureau on how to establish a National Committee of the CIE and how to track scientific-technical projects of interest;

• No membership fee.

The CIE conducts all of its day-to-day business in a 100% electronic environment, making use of the latest information technologies available to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Participants in the CIE Associate Member Programme will also learn how to become part of this virtual global network.

If any country wishes to become part of the CIE Associate Member Programme a Pledge shall be signed (available at and be returned to the CIE Central Bureau for countersigning.

Till to date 13 countries followed the invitation and were approved as Members thus enlarging the CIE Family substantially. Welcome on Board!

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