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CIE Introductory Tutorial and Expert Workshop on Mesopic Photometry, 24-25 January 2012

More than 50 delegates took part in this meeting, either in person at the CIE Central Bureau or on-line via the new live streaming facility. They were treated to an excellent series of talks by leading experts in the field of mesopic photometry, covering topics ranging from the development of the CIE system for mesopic photometry (CIE Publication 191:2010) though to its practical implementation in areas such as lighting of roads at night, and including associated issues such as measurement, the physiology of the eye, and the new CIE supplementary system for photometry based on brightness (CIE Publication 200:2011). The programme also included two extended discussion sessions, which provided the opportunity for delegates and presenters to explore some of the open questions regarding the implementation of CIE 191 into lighting practice. 
A number of themes ran through the event, and formed the focus of the lively and stimulating debates that took place:
  • How to define the adaptation conditions when applying the CIE system for mesopic photometry
  • How to allow for age-related effects, such as the yellowing of the lens and increased sensitivity to glare, particularly in road lighting applications
  • The need to consider additional factors in practical applications, such as visual preference
  • How to express product performance
  • When should the CIE system for mesopic be used
  • Are the limits in existing road lighting specifications correct
Many of these topics will be considered further in CIE TC2-65 “Photometric measurements in the mesopic range” and CIE JTC-001 “Implementation of CIE 191 mesopic photometry in outdoor lighting”, and the meeting provided excellent input into the work of these TCs. The final point, relating to the limits specified in existing road lighting recommendations, is to be the subject of a workshop at the forthcoming conference CIE 2012 "Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency", which will be held in Hangzhou, China, 19-21 September 2012.

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