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Everlasting Reflectivity

by: CerFlex International, Helmond, The Netherlands

Young, innovative company introduces ceramic reflector material with a reflectance of 99.2 % for use as mixing chambers, around packaged LEDS, inside LED modules and lamps. The reflectors are unique and based on the patented material called CerFlex®TECH.

Almost every light source, be it a LED chip, a LED engine or a lamp has reflective components. Together these components determine the light output efficacy and the quality of the beam, in terms of beam angle, uniformity and, in case of (color) mixing, light quality. With CerFlex ceramic components “Everlasting Reflectivity” is guaranteed and durability is combined with extreme high efficiency. The lighting industry is applying CerFlex®TECH in applications as mixing chambers (e.g. in combination with remote phosphor), to limit glare and as high quality wide angle reflectors for lamps.


  • 100 % diffuse (Lambertian) reflection
  • 99,2 % reflectance
  • Constant reflection over a wide wavelength range (380 – 2000 nm)
  • UV-stable, non-yellowing, non-corroding
  • Heat resistant up to 1000 ºC
  • Electrical isolator
  • Environmental friendly, 100 % product of nature and easy to recycle

LED Modules and mixing chambers CerFlex®TECH is directly used in combination with the packaged LED chip or as a base for multiple LED arrays that require high reflectance, temperature resistance, electrical isolation and high durability. The diffuse, extreme high reflection and strength of CerFlex®TECH components offer innovative possibilities in the design of LED modules and mixing chambers.

Limiting Glare
With CerFlex®TECH material it is possible to design light cavities that restrict direct view of the bright light source itself so that glare is completely avoided. Thanks to the extreme high and diffuse reflection this can be done without considerable lowering the light output.

CerFlex provides design support with optical simulations and rely on FRED Optical Engineering Software and CerFlex has its own prototype development facility, enabling rapid custom-made prototype development and delivery within two weeks.

For more information about the material or for assistance in designing your reflective solution based on CerFlex®TECH please contact us.

CerFlex International BV • Dwarsdijk 3 • 5705 DM Helmond • The Netherlands
T +31(0)492 780 027 E W

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