CIE 2018 Topical Conference on Smart Lighting, Taipei, Chinese Taipei, April 24 – 28, 2018
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Kicking-Off the CIE Training Programme

On November 23rd, 2011 the first in a series of training units will take place in the CIE Central Bureau in Vienna.

The Training Programme shall transfer and implement the knowledge contained in CIE Publications/Standards to the stakeholders of the Commission and other interested parties.

Reaching out to you

CIE will provide trainings, workshops and seminars on lighting fundamentals as well as will complement each newly published Standard and Technical Report with a training unit. You can participate in these trainings either in “real life” in the Central Bureau in Vienna or wherever you are during the seminar by using our life streaming facility and our online training tool. If you do not find the time to participate via one of these facilities you can later download the recorded and edited contents from our online platform.

The first seminar will take place on November 23rd, 2011 between 09:00am and 05:00pm in Vienna and will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Janos Schanda.

Goal: Summarizing fundamental differences in the measurement of traditional light sources and LEDs as well as LED modules.

Target group:  anybody interested in solid state lighting, the photometry and colorimetry of solid state devices, especially LEDs and LED modules.

Subjects to be covered are the following:

1.    Fundamental differences between LEDs, LED modules and LED lamps as well as traditional light sources
2.    The most basic terms used with LEDs and LED modules
3.    Photometry of LED devices (differences compared to traditional light sources):

a.    Gonio-photometry
b.    Integrating sphere photometry
c.    Spectroradiometry
4.    Colorimetry of LEDs and LED modules
a.    Problems with the CIE 1931 Colorimetric System
b.    CIE TC 1-36 based colorimetry and practical experience
5.    Colour rendering
a.    CIE Publ 13.3 Colour Rendering Index
b.    Possible updates: colour fidelity, colour preference.

6.    LEDs and non-visual effects

Price: EUR 800,-- + 20% VAT. (On discounts for students and corporate packages for companies
please contact the CIE Central Bureau at 

If you would like to participate either in real life or online simply send an email to to pre-register (note: places are limited and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis).  CB staff will be delighted to provide you with any further details, particularly on upcoming further workshops, trainings and tutorials. Our recommendation: By subscribing to this newsletter you ensure that you will not miss any topic of interest to you (e.g. the upcoming Mesopic Photometry Tutorial).

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