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Associate National Committees

Countries that have established a new National Committee or developing countries with a National Committee may join the Commission as Associate National Committee as a first trial, before becoming full members.

An Associate National Committee wishing to join the Commission shall submit satisfactory evidence that it conforms with requirement of Statutes 5.1.2 and 5.2.1 . The application for membership shall be sent to the Central Bureau which shall submit it to National Committees. Approval of this application is a decision of the National Committees.

This membership is granted for a four year period by National Committees. The Associate National Committee membership may be renewed for one further four year period by decision of the National Committees.

An Associate National Committee may participate in the technical work of the Commission but shall have no voting rights in technical, administrative or organizational matters.

An Associate National Committee may ask to become a National Committee at any time within the four year period.

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For a list of Associate National Committees click here.

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