CIE 2017 Midterm Meeting, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. October 20 - 28, 2017 

CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on LED Lamp and Luminaire Testing to CIE S 025, Bern-Wabern, Switzerland.


Every four years the CIE holds a Session, hosted by one of the member countries, which serves the very useful purpose of bringing together all the representatives of the National Committees who are interested in the technical activities of the organization. The Sessions involve the presentation of papers as well as meetings of Divisions and Technical Committees. During the Session the General Assembly meets to review and discuss the administrative and technical affairs of the CIE, make plans for the future, and elect the officers for the coming quadrennium.

The Board usually meet once a year, the Divisions at least every other year, and Technical Committees as often as is necessary to accomplish their objectives. In addition, the Divisions are encouraged to sponsor symposia and other meetings, especially in cooperation with other international bodies, to help further the work of the CIE.

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