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CIE 2011 – Quadrennial Session in Sun City, South Africa

Dear Colleagues,

The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) is the original and the most respected International Lighting Organisation, dealing with all the different aspects of this subject. It is our tradition and obligation in terms of our Statutes to hold a Session of the Commission every four years, with a Midterm Meeting between two successive Sessions. The CIE Statutes read:
The activities of the Commission shall be organized in terms, these being the periods between two Sessions. The normal length of a term is four years and starts at the end of the Session.

The Statutes further state:

The General Assembly shall hold one or more meetings at a Session of the Commission, and one midterm meeting. Additional meetings may be called at the request of the Board of Administration or at the request of at least one tenth of the members.

The CIE General Assembly meets at CIE Sessions as well as at CIE Midterm Meetings, which can be interpreted as a two-year meeting cycle (apart from the fact that the General Assembly could be convened several times during a Session). The period between quadrennial CIE Sessions therefore defines a term in the activities of the CIE, including a term of office for the office bearers.

The Session was previously divided into a Conference part followed by a part for the meetings of the CIE Divisions and the Division’s Technical Committees (TCs). For the Session from Sunday, 10 to Friday, 15 July 2011, the Conference part has been allocated to the mornings and the Division and TC meetings to the afternoon. This new arrangement is aimed at encouraging the attendance of both parts by the majority of participants.

I would like to stress very strongly that ANYBODY with an interest in the work of any CIE TC is more than welcome not only to attend the Conference part in the mornings but also the applicable Divison meetings, TC meetings and workshops in the afternoons. If the interest is strong enough, interested persons may also apply to the TC chair to become a member of the particular TC of interest. For a full list of all CIE Divisions and their TCs, please visit the CIE website at

I should also emphasize that the CIE is the pre-eminent international standards body for light and lighting and is recognized as such by both ISO and IEC (see CIE website). Consequently, a lot of the work in CIE TCs deals with the drafting of international standards in this field.

The international character of our organization is also illustrated by the venues of the various Sessions and midterm Sessions. The most recent of these were

    •    1991    Melbourne, Australia (Session)
    •    1995    New Delhi, India (Session)
    •    1997    Durban, South Africa (Midterm Session)
    •    1999    Warszaw, Poland (Session)
    •    2001    Istanbul, Turkey (Midterm Session)
    •    2003    San Diego, USA (Session)
    •    2005    Leon, Spain (Midterm Session).
    •    2007    Beijing, China (Session)
    •    2009    Budapest, Hungary (Midterm Session)
    •    2011    Sun City, South Africa (Session)

The next midterm Session in 2013 has been assigned to France, the country in which the CIE was hosted and nurtured after its formation in 1913. This midterm Session will therefore celebrate our centennial as an organization and the forthcoming Session in South Africa in 2011 will be the last Session in the CIE’s first century. It will, significantly, also be the first full CIE Session to be held on the African continent. South Africa successfully hosted the Soccer Worldcup in 2010 and the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA) is confident that it can organize an equally successful CIE Session in 2011.

As President of the CIE and as a South African, I am therefore proud to invite you to our 2011 CIE Session in Sun City. It has recently been predicted that Africa will eventually become the hub of tourism internationally due to its incredible wildlife, huge game parks, the warmth of its people and its sheer natural beauty. Experience this unique environment before, during and after our conference – and before everybody else does.

For further information and detailed arrangements, please contact the Conference Website, either through the CIE homepage at or directly at

Looking forward to seeing you at the CIE Session in South Africa in July 2011,

Dr.Franz Hengstberger
President: CIE

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