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The 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on Appearance

When Appearance meets Lighting ... ... ...

8-10 September 2010

This Symposium was organised under the guidance of Peter Hanselaer and Frédéric Leloup and colleagues at the Catholic University College St.‐Lieven, in Gent, Belgium, and with the support of the Belgian National Committee of the CIE - the International Commission on Illumination.

The 1st CIE Expert Symposium on Appearance was held in Paris in 2006 and it was recognised at that meeting that an important group of people were missing from the attendees: lighting designers and practitioners. Thus, this 2nd Expert Symposium aimed to correct this omission and invite those active in CIE Division 3 Interior Environment and Lighting Design to participate. 78 abstracts were submitted and these were given as 36 presentations of 15 minutes each plus 42 posters, all in two and a half days! Over 135 delegates attended the event representing 22 countries.

To introduce the symposium Monica Billger from the Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden discussed issues to do with lighting quality in the real environment pointing out that there is no accepted definition of lighting quality, the quality of lighting usually being expressed in terms of specific luminance levels, or distributions, in the workplace, the home, etc. There followed six sessions, each chaired by an expert in the respective field: Colour Appearance (Ronnier Luo), Measurement and Instrumentation (Mike Pointer), Gloss and Texture (Françoise Viénot), Luminance and Glare (Terry McGowan), Luminance Based Design (Yoshiki Nakamura), and Lighting Comfort (Steve Fotios).

The first day ended with a poster session, tours of the Light & Lighting Laboratory and a reception. Judging by the buzz of conversation, and people's reluctance to return to their hotels, the first day was considered to have been a great success - perhaps aided by the consumption of very fine Belgian beer, Belgian fries, and Belgian waffles, while being entertained by songs from a local Belgian choir!

Participants feedback showed that this was an excellent symposium. The bridge between Appearance and Lighting was well and truly crossed, in both directions, and participants from both sides expressed appreciation of the effort made to understand each other's situation. The company was most enjoyable, the catering arrangements gave many opportunities for networking, and the social arrangements were of a high standard: the organisers are to be congratulated.

The organisation of this symposium was a goal of CIE Technical Committee TC1-72 Measuring Appearance Network: MApNet and in the closing session, Mike Pointer, as Chairman of the TC, proposed that the 3rd Expert Symposium on Appearance should be organised in 2012 and appealed for a volunteer to host the event and take on its organisation. Mike also introduced the idea of organising a Special Topic Appearance Workshop, perhaps as soon as next year, 2011. This would be a smaller event, focussing on one selected aspect of appearance, and thus attracting a smaller number of people. The goal of the meeting would be to answer a specific question and produce a report with the answer, to be available as a CIE publication.

Mike Pointer

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