Division 5

TC 5-18 Practical Design Guidelines for the Lighting of Exterior Work Areas To produce an "applications" guide for exterior work areas that compliments Publication CIE 129-1998, by updating where necessary the relevant portions of the withdrawn Publication CIE 68. Chair: Pranab .K. Bandyopadhyay (IN)

TC 5-20 Guide for Sports Lighting To prepare a Guide for Sports Lighting that excludes lighting for TV and films.
This guide will replace the present publications CIE 42-1978, CIE 45-1979, CIE 57-1983, CIE 58-1983 and CIE 62-1984. Chair: Thomas M. Lemons (US)

TC 5-21 Masterplanning Urban Lighting To prepare a Guide for Masterplanning Urban Lighting. The Guide shall be used whenever designing new or renewed creative lighting for masterplanning urban lighting. The Guide includes an integrated approach which takes into consideration functional lightng, floodlighting, decorative lighting and considers functional, aesthetic and emotional aspects of lighting design. Chair: Müjgan Serefhanoglu-Sözen (TR)

TC 5-22 Beam Patterns for Exterior Floodlighting Luminaires To prepare a technical report and make recommendations for new terms and definitions addressing the issues related to beam patterns and performance of exterior floodlight luminaires. To review publication CIE 43-1979 in the light of these findings and outline proposals to update this if believed appropriate. Chair: Scott Davis (US)

TC 5-23 Guidelines for the Use of Semicylindrical Illuminance in Outdoor Applications To prepare a technical report and make recommendations for the use of semicylindrical illuminance in outdoor applications Chair: Patrick Rombauts (BE)

TC 5-24 Guide for Architectural and Decorative Lighting To review CIE 94:1993 and produce a new guide that reflects both the technical and aesthetic values required for architectural and decorative lighting taking into account both the efficient use of energy and the effect that lighting has on the environment. Chair: Müjgan Serefhanoglu-Sözen (TR)

TC 5-27 Artificial Lighting and its Impact on the Natural Environment To develop a Technical Report which will provide guidance on ways to minimize the effects of artificial lighting on the natural environment, including impacts on flora and fauna. This would be accomplished by making recommendations on light levels, spectral distributions, and other specific considerations of a broad range of organisms as well as specific habitats. Chair: Scott Davis (US)